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We assure you cost effective services and provide all the drilling and bore well related services.

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Our Drilling Strengths
  The Rigs can drill up to the following depths:
Basement (D T H ) up to 300 meters (1000 ft) depth
Sedimentary (Rotary) up to 200 meters (650 ft) depth

Drilling Configurations
Basement Drilling: DTH
8 " Drilling of Borehole 6 " Insertion of casing pipe
7" Drilling of Borehole 5" Insertion of casing pipe
61/2" Drilling of Borehole 5" Insertion of casing pipe

Sedimentary Drilling: Rotary
12" Drilling of Borehole 10" Insertion of casing pipe
10" Drilling of Borehole 8" Insertion of casing pipe
8" Drilling of Borehole 6" Insertion of casing pipe
7" Drilling of Borehole 5" Insertion of casing pipe

Points to Note

The prices will increase with the increase in size of bore hole to be drilled,
The PVC casing pipe used is of high quality for its longer life.
The bore hole is packed with gravel of high quality available in the market for better quality of water.
The company assurances for bore drilled for any collapses.
The motor pump set / hand pump will be arranged and installed with prior quotation approval from customers.
The company will be able to take the jobs subsidiary to borehole drilling.

Our Drilling Rigs »
  Our drilling rigs are environment friendly, hydraulically operated, and efficient. Our world class high capacity engines can drill very deep depths(up to 2000 ft) in the shortest possible time.  

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