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About Nile Drill Tech

Nile Drill Tech is recognized as one of the best and most reliable drilling companies. NileDrillTech and its partner companies have vast experience in drilling business and rig industry.

The company has been offering best solutions for all kinds of drilling and related works. We believe in optimum customer satisfaction and we are committed to provide the best of our products and services and offer our products & services at competitive prices.

The Nile Drill Tech Limited is authorised to sale/ supply the drilling rigs, its spares,hammers ,drill bits, drill rods, hand pumps manufactured by KLR Universal India. The company is committed to extended services after sales.

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The Company

Nile Drill Tech Limited is a private limited company registered in Nigeria and based its main office in Abuja, Federal capital Nigeria (F C T).
Our companey registration certficate:

The company wil be able to take up the task of Federal / State Government works for Drilling Bore Holes for drinking water /agriculture sector and also can take up the task of Mining Drilling, under able management of Managing Director.

This company is working/operating with able guidence and support of M/S KLR UNIVERSAL INDIA,who is a leading manufacturer in India for manufacturing High Speed Drilling Rigs,its spares, Hammers, Drill bits ,Drill Rods , hand pumps and supplier to more than 36 countries all over the world.


Our Staff

We have highly experienced technicians, drilling operators and support workers.
Dedicated highly skilled technicians are always available for resolving complex drilling problems.
We have professional geologists and surveyors for pre and post drilling surveys and analysis.

The company is determined to train the Nigerian personal to operate and maintaining of bore hole drilling rigs and its accessories. This is to cut down the expatriate people brought in from India. And to create employment for the citizens of Nigeria.


Our Partners and Suppliers

KLR UNIVERSAL INDIA KLR Universal Industries established in the year 2005 under the brand name "KLR UNIVERSAL" to manufacture Hand pumps mainly targeting African Continent. Gradually KLR UNIVERSAL expanded its Products with Technological Brilliance, Premium Quality, Reliability and Cost Effective Equipments for Water Well, Core Drilling, Mining, Piling Rigs and all related tools and accessories. KLR UNIVERSAL is the one stop solution for all the products related to Mining, Drilling, Construction Contractors, Farming & Agricultural sector.

Managing Director
The Managing Director of the company Guduru Sudharshan Reddy is well qualified in technical as well as in Administrative Management, having worked in Indian defence forces for 18 years and. Having more than 15 years of experience in successfully managing and maintaining the Drilling Rigs similar to this in India, has started the business of Drilling to explore ground water for drinking, agriculture sector, construction and Industrial usage/purpose and mineral exploration.

Our Drilling Rigs »
  Our drilling rigs are environment friendly, hydraulically operated, and efficient. Our world class high capacity engines can drill very deep depths(up to 2000 ft) in the shortest possible time.  

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